Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp Back Together?

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Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have reportedly reunited.

The couple, who dated for three years, reportedly split in August because John couldn't handle the fame that came along with dating a famous actress.

“I don’t think he loved all the attention he got just from dating an actress,” John's close friend said at the time of the break up. “I bet he’ll stay away from dating another famous person for a while.”

Another source told People that distance was the cause of their separation. “It was the distance,” the source said. “She lives in New York and he resides in Indiana. It was the long distance that ultimately was the cause.”

Whatever the reason, the couple has apparently put their issues and differences aside and have decided to give their relationship another go.

"They are back together and it's brand new," a Mellencamp source told People. "They're really happy about it."

The couple was most recently seen walking through Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, looking as comfortable as ever.

In September, Mellencamp spoke highly of Ryan, saying that "nothing's over 'til it's over."

"I'm very happy with the time I've spent with Meg Ryan," he told the Associated Press last month. "She's a beautiful girl, and I know that I will never, ever, ever be with a funnier girl than her. Not gonna happen. I'm grateful for the three and a half years we've been together."

Aside from their relationship, Ryan and Mellencamp both have big things happening in their careers. Mellencamp is currently getting ready to release his 22nd album, Plain Spoken, in November, and Ryan is working on her directorial debut, Ithaca.

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