Meet the Pyro Video Was Worth the Wait


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Much like Bethesda, Valve is one of the only video game companies that consistently releases excellent content and doesn't rush game releases. Fans of Team Fortress 2 have been waiting for the Meet the Pyro video for a long time. If you aren't familiar with the "Meet the" series, each video introduces a separate class from Team Fortress 2, usually with an interview. The videos give humorous insight into the demented personalities that Valve has imagined for each class. As an example, take a look at the first video in the series, Meet the Heavy, which was uploaded all the way back in 2007:

With the release of Meet the Medic last year, Valve had created vignettes for each class except the Pyro. Since the character wears a mask and mumbles incoherently, it would be difficult to portray it at an interview. So, Valve did the next best thing by showing other classes' reactions to the mention of the Pyro, before finally showcasing just what kind of world the Pyro sees from behind that gas mask:

I have to admit, while Valve may keep its fans waiting for years, it always over-delivers on quality. Where the world sees a flamethrower, axe, and flare gun, the Pyro sees himself pleasing flying babies with rainbows, candy, and bubbles. Valve is now selling an inflatable version of that unicorn that comes with an in-game item code. With all of the new merchandise and Team Fortress 2 class videos out of the way, let's all hope Valve might finally have the time to finish making one of its blockbuster gaming IPs into a trilogy.