Meagan Good Just Can't Get A Break

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Meagan Good had to address rumors this past week that she was bleaching her skin to achieve a lighter complexion.

She said, "I can't believe I'm actually going to address this nonsense lol … Buuuut I have young women who follow me – so I think it's important to give clarity because I believe that Black and every other color is beautiful," Good said.

"This is for those who believe that I would actually bleach my face and entire body to try to be lighter skin smh …. Umm No Ma'am. First off? I LOVE my complexion – no matter what side of the spectrum I'm at at any particular time… My skin looks various different ways for various reasons – from lighting to makeup of photography or something as simple as weather and what coast I'm working on at any given time…"

That's true for most people. A lot of people vary a shade or two between winter and summer. I feel bad that she has been accused of trying to be something she's not.

Some people.

Meagan Good continued,

"This is my complexion-the one I was born with… I tend to get lighter and darker depending upon how much sun I do or don't get. I looove the sun. I'm a Cali gal, but as I've gotten older and especially more recently, since I've gotten into my 30s, I tend not to be in the sun as much because it ages your skin terribly."

She added, "Simply put – i'm opting to preserve my skin by protecting it and only making exceptions for vacations…"

Meagan Good is just getting over last month's scandal over...Scandal. It was rumored that she was replacing Kerry Washington in her lead role, but it was quickly debunked.

The poor girl can't get a break.

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