Meagan Good: 'Deception' Actress On Changes for 2015

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Meagan Good, known for her role in NBC's Deception, is a Christian, and part of living her faith includes some big changes for 2015. One of those changes involves not being taken advantage of, following some unfortunate incidents in her past.

Good explained during a recent interview with the Christian Post that she received a revelation of sorts a while back, and during that revelation realized she was treating people as though she owed them something.

"..I thought this 'makes me a good person'... a person that goes above and beyond for human beings in general -in unconditional, love non-judgmental love & genuineness…," Good wrote in an Instagram message to fans. "The revelation I got is: people will take advantage of you ...and exploit your heart, your intentions and your spirit if you allow it.."

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Good said she prayed for wisdom, clarity and discernment before coming to the conclusion that there are some people she can only love from a distance, albeit unconditionally.

"... I have learned that there is a balance .. and in this new season of my life there is a purge..
What I allowed in 2014 -the people who treated me like it was my 'responsibility' to support their life and desires in every way, I will not allow in 2015…," Good wrote. "I don't have to be the biggest saint of them all all ... All I have to do is be obedient ...and hear from the Father & respond accordingly...."

She shared a vow in front of countless fans, seeming determined to not be taken advantage of again.

"From here on out, that is my vow ... mistakes I'll make in between--but I better understand the goal & the destination... I will not allow myself to be used up so -that I can be "full" when God calls on me to be used," Good wrote. "#WeAreNoOnesSavior."

Meagan Good doesn't simply talk about her faith. She lives it.

"My love for God makes everything possible," she said during a recent interview. "My life keeps getting fuller, and I love giving back. I'm filled with joy, the kind you can only get from knowing the Lord."

The kind of faith Meagan Good has will no doubt allow her to make the changes she wants to see in herself for 2015--and to not allow others to take advantage of her any longer.

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