McKayla Maroney Headed For The Gold On Her Own

Amanda CrumLife

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McKayla Maroney helped lead the U.S. gymnastics team to a huge win yesterday, and now she's headed towards one of her very own.

As one of the "Fierce Five", she helped secure the gold for her team with her Amanar vault, a routine so complicated it can only be executed by a few people in the entire world. Now, with the impressive scores she earned with her teammates, she's got her eyes trained on a goal for herself, and most think she's got it in the bag despite a small foot injury. But such things don't concern an Olympic athlete.

"It's like no pain, no gain. You just ignore what's there and do your job," Maroney said. "Everybody goes through stuff like this and you just have to kind of accept it and take it as it is and just do the best that you can with it."

When the Russian team failed to get the high scores expected of them, the Fierce Five could almost feel the gold around their necks, yet they didn't let themselves get over-confident. Rather, they pushed through and made sure they gave 100% to their routines like any true Olympic athletes would.

"It was the best feeling to be up there and watch that flag go up," Maroney said. "I've pictured it. And it was pretty close to what I pictured. It was just the best feeling."

Amanda Crum
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