McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo: Norwegian Teen Now Has Second Receipt Inked On His Left Arm

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Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Lorenskog, Norway, had a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his right arm as punishment from his friends.

The idea was said to have started as a joke between he and his friends. The tattoo was his punishment for having too much success with the ladies. He was given the choice of getting either an image of Barbie inked on his buttocks, or a copy of his most recent McDonald’s purchase on his arm. His choice has earned him much publicity and attention.

The tattoo spans most of Ytterdahl’s forearm and shows purchased products such as a cheeseburger with extra toppings, and a soda. A photo of the tattoo was posted by Lillestrom’s Sabel Ink Tattoo on its Facebook page. A McDonald’s spokesperson commented that the teenager was clearly a loyal customer.

Ytterdahl says his choice may not seem wise when he is 50 or 60 years old, but for now, it is fun. Sabel Ink Tattoo offered him a free tattoo on the other arm: a reproduction of the tattoo parlor’s receipt for the McDonald’s receipt tattoo that he got. Ytterdahl agreed. The inking of his second tattoo was filmed by Norway’s VG newspaper and was announced by Ytterdahl himself on his Facebook profile.

We're now left to wonder whether Ytterdahl will next have either of his legs inked with the receipt of the second tattoo.

Fast food fans have been known to express their appreciation for their favorite food chains through tattoos. Last year, a Taco Bell fan named Justin made waves online when he posted a YouTube video of himself saying he would have the restaurant’s Beefy Crunch Burrito tattooed on his arm if Taco Bell would bring back the limited-time food item early. Even the tattoo artist was taken aback by the request. Other fans have had logos and meal items of various restaurants permanently tattooed.

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