McDonald's Receipt Tattoo Guy Tattoos Second Receipt

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Of all the tattoos a person could possibly get, who would think of a McDonald's receipt? Last week, a Norwegian teenager who goes by the nickname "Yolo" tattooed a receipt from the world's most popular fast food chain on his right arm. Now, just days later, the 18-year-old does it again, this time with the bill from the McDonald's receipt tattoo on his left arm.

Stian Yttrdah said that the first tattoo was just a joke between he and his buddies. They goofed on him because of his player reputation with the ladies and told him to either get a Barbie tattoo or a McDonald's receipt tattoo.

But the second tattoo? No real explanation is given, but if it's attention that the teenager is seeking, it is attention that he's getting. He's the talk of Twitter and is trending on the internet.

Norway's VG newspaper even filmed the teen getting the second receipt tattoo at Sabel Ink studio. Yttrdah said, "Now I’m a living billboard, but I think it’s all just fun. Maybe it won’t be as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years old, but that’s my choice.”

The Norwegian is enjoying his 15 minutes, even designing a Facebook page called, "The man with the McDonald's tattoo."

Of course, people want their picture taken with the Norwegian internet sensation.

Worst tattoos ever? At least Yolo was smart enough to put them on his arms where he could hide them if needs to. Imagine a McDonald's receipt tattoo on your face?

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