McDonald's Fish Now All-Sustainable

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Ever wondered what type of fish you're getting when you order "Filet-O-Fish" at McDonald's? Well, now you'll know: wild Alaskan Pollack, which is now sustainable.

The fast-food chain announced recently that they are now serving the Filet-O-Fish sandwich--and will be unveiling "Fish McBites" soon--using only fish that was sustainably caught, making it eco-friendly. The company will pay annual fees to the Marine Stewardship Council for the privilege of placing a bright blue "Certified Sustainable Seafood" label on the containers, which lets customers know that what they're eating not only meets high standards for quality, it was also taken with care from the ecosystem.

McDonald's is set to unveil the Fish McBites in February for a limited time, but if they go over well, the restaurant could keep them on the menu for good. After a tough last quarter--in which sales were down from the same time last year--McD's brought back the McRib sandwich off-schedule, knowing it would help reign in some diehard fans. Still, they don't expect the coming year to magically take off, either.

"By no means do we think 2013 is going to be an easy year," CEO Don Thompson said.

McDonald's is joining competitors Wendy's and Taco Bell in reinventing their menu, changing up the offerings to include healthier fare after receiving bad press in recent years due to customers complaining of health concerns. They say they're also revamping stores all across the country, updating the look and offering longer hours.

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