McDonald's Dollar Menu Getting Big Changes

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McDonald's will soon be following in the footsteps of rival restaurant Wendy's by making some big changes to their Dollar Menu, and that includes cutting some old favorites.

While the new menu hasn't been unveiled yet, the company says the nationwide changes will go into effect in early November and will see prices from $1 to $5, and will also include a name change to the Dollar Menu & More. The new menu will include three price tiers, starting with $1 sandwiches and going up to a $5 20-piece chicken McNugget.

The company has been rolling out new items--such as the fairly new Mighty Wings--over the past several months and say this new menu is consistent with their efforts to create flexibility where both food and price are concerned. However, the wings, which were brought out in conjunction with the NFL season, haven't seen the sales that the company had hoped for.

"One dollar per wing was still not considered to be the most competitive in the current environment. The other thing we saw, and it's a very slight modification, the flavor profile is slightly spicy for some consumers," CEO Don Thompson said.

The fast-food giant is also making changes where healthy eating is concerned, announcing in September that they will now allow customers to order a salad or fruit with their meal instead of fries. However, it's not known if any of the "healthier" options, like snack wraps, will be included in the new dollar menu.

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