McDonald's Curly Fries: They Exist, But Only If You Live Here

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McDonald's--like many other fast food restaurants--likes to test things out before they start making them available to the general public. Part of the reason they make things available in specific stores is that certain foods are proven to do better in certain parts of the country, or the world. For instance, the big wigs in charge of food placement know they can't serve beef at their India locations, so they are constantly adding things to the menu in order to give their customers more choices. That's how the Chicken Maharaja-Mac was born.

But sometimes, they come up with an idea so delicious and so simple, it's totally unfair when we learn they're serving it in a different location. That's the deal with the news today that stores in the Philippines are serving curly fries. Sure, we all know and love McDonald's golden sticks of awesome, but seriously, who doesn't love curly fries? Do they think they wouldn't do well here?

Whatever the reason, it doesn't look like they'll be offering them in the states anytime soon. In fact, they're only being offered in the Philippines for a limited time of about three weeks; I suppose Twister Fries are to Filipinos as the McRib is to Americans.

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