McDonald's Bank Deposit Accidentally Handed To Customer

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McDonald's employees at a Tennessee location were horrified to learn recently that a bag full of cash had accidentally been handed to a customer instead of the breakfast they'd ordered.

"My husband opened the bag and discovered the money inside," said Stacye Terry. "He said, ‘You are not going to believe this.' Sure enough, it was their bank deposit money."

In many businesses, the person responsible for taking the deposits to the bank will often put them in one of the store's bags to hide it from plain view; the downside to this is, obviously, that someone will mistake it for a customer's bag. The Terrys said they were on their way to take it back to the store when the employee showed up at their doorstep, having followed them when they realized what had happened.

The second that he said it was their deposit, my first thing was let's get in the truck and take it back," said Stacye. "There is no other way to have it. I couldn't live with myself."

The couple did have time to post a photo of all that cash on their Facebook page, and say they'll be back to their local McD's. There's no word yet on whether anyone will face a punishment for the incident, but the store's owner released a statement thanking the Terrys for their honesty.

"We are grateful for this customer and the action they took upon realizing our error. We are looking in to why this mistake happened, but what is most important to us is knowing that we are part a community with the values that were evidenced by this person's actions," Phil Gray said. | Nashville News, Weather

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