MCA's Opening Lines From Every Beastie Boys Song

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Adam "MCA" Yauch was taken from us entirely too early after losing his battle with cancer. In the aftermath of the Yauch's death, there have been a ton of heartfelt tributes and memorials for the fallen MC. Rightfully so. One of the best examples comes from Questlove of the Roots, who's heartfelt post gives us great insight into the life of a hip hop artist while they are on tour.

It also gives us some great insight into the Beastie Boys, on and off-stage:

i was expecting the most hedonistic party all night sleep all day experience that spring of 95. all the stuff i heard? the “trim coordinators” the making out with madonna backstage madness, the switching places when the bell is rung? i mean I’m straight up….i was ready for some rowdy assholes to give me a gazillion stories id tell my kids for days. instead i got….

nice guys? really don’t see many audiences willing to go where their leaders take them once said audience gets comfortable with a position—i mean even the beatles imploded 5 years post spiritual enlightenment. i mean did we really expect the most thoughtful mature considerate act in music to be the same brats who gave us Licensed To Ill?

With those heartfelt words in mind, the following video is an incredible supercut, giving us just about every opening line MCA uttered as a Beastie Boy:

While some on YouTube point out some potential exclusions, the fact remains, the video is a fantastic compilation that gives people a great idea of the kind of talent we'll be missing out on.

[Via Boing Boing and Andy Baio]

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