Maya Rudolph: Name and Sex of Baby Revealed After Almost A Year

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Maya Rudolph gave birth to her most recent baby back in September, but the sex and name of the child has only been revealed in the past couple of weeks. The SNL alum and her longtime partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson, stayed tight-lipped about anything pertaining to this baby--their fourth. It seems TMZ has blown their cover, however, having recently procued a copy of the child's birth certificate. You see, Maya gave birth at home this time, and the birth certificate paper work had to be filed before this baby turned a year old.

Anderson and Maya Rudolph have a new (at least she was back in September) little girl, and she was named after Rudolph's late mother Minnie Riperton. Minnie Ida Anderson joins big sisters Pearl and Lucille, who are eight and four, respectively, as well as brother Jack, who is three.

Minnie Riperton was a soul and R&B singer who died at the age of 31 back in 1979 of breast cancer. Maya Rudolph was just seven years old when her mom passed away.

Shortly after giving birth to baby Minnie, Maya Rudolph starred in her own TV variety show. The Maya Rudolph Show debuted in May to excellent ratings and more than seven million viewers.

"I wanted to continue doing what I love the most, which is sketch comedy mixed with music," she said during an interview around the time of the show's premiere. "Or as my stepmother calls it, 'Being a singing comedian.' That's her catch-all name for it, which I like."

Although it's a bit unusual that Maya Rudolph and her partner didn't release information about Minnie's birth back in September (they never withheld information about prior births), fans are likely happy to learn of the baby's name and gender now--and they know why they didn't learn earlier, too. A large family by today's standards, it will be interesting to see if Rudolph and Anderson decide to add to their growing brood.

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