Max Payne 3 Is Now Out For Xbox 360 and PS3

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Max Payne 3 is now available at retail stores in the United States for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The latest in the Max Payne series which is known for bringing Bullet Time to the PS2, picks up the story of

"fallen former New York City detective Max Payne as he is a broken man who, several years after the events of the original games. Close to washed up and addicted to painkillers, Max accepts a job offer of private security work in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting wealthy businessman Rodrigo Branco and his beautiful trophy wife Fabiana in the hopes of an escape from his tragic past.

When Fabiana is abducted while under Max’s protection, Max finds himself caught up in something much larger than a simple kidnapping, looking for answers on the streets of an unfamiliar city as his personal demons return to haunt him once again."

Max Payne 3 will also have online multiplayer for the first time, and it will feature a range of co-op and competitive modes such as free-for-all matches, Payne Killer where you fight for the chance to play as Max Payne himself, or the "dynamically branching" Gang Wars mode where you can build out events from the single-player story.

The game will also feature "Crews" which are persistent clans of friends that can play together online, building alliances and rivalries while tracking progress and Crew Feuds through the Social Club. Crews extend across platforms and across game titles, with Crews created within Max Payne 3 ready and available for players in Grand Theft Auto V and other future titles.

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