Max Payne 3 "Bullet Time" Trailer Shows Off the Slow-Mo


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News and trailers are flowing out of Rockstar today. The game developer of hits such as Grand Theft Auto IV and L.A. Noire is turning its attention to one of its first franchises, Max Payne. A trailer for a re-release of the original classic for Apple touch devices was released this morning, and now we have a trailer showing off more of the features included in the much-anticipated sequel Max Payne 3.

The trailer, named "Bullet Time," covers the feature of the game that allows players to enter a cinematic slow-motion sequence in which they can aim and fire weapons. The feature was innovative when the first Max Payne was released over a decade ago. The concept came from the movie The Matrix and fit in well with Max Payne's mature, movie-script style story. In the trailer, the narrator states that "...Max Payne 3 builds upon 'bullet time'" using "developments in animation and gameplay mechanics." Ambitions claims, and perhaps part of the reason the game is so highly anticipated by gamers.

In addition to player-controlled "bullet time" the game will have sections where the slow-mo is triggered automatically. Hopefully this won't be overused, as it could turn some of the best, most harrowing moments of the game into rail-shooter sections. Also, the game will feature "kill-cams" that highlight the violent gunplay. Players can slow-mo these "kill-cam" sequences to savor the ultra-violence, if they wish.

The trailer also makes some impressive claims about the game's A.I. For instance, that enemies will seek cover and call for back-up while others use suppressing fire. If true, and not simply a repetitive script, this could make for a very fun, and very hard, game. Judge for yourself, and leave a comment for me below. If the trailer makes one thing certain, it's that Rockstar has included one of its trademarks: Max Payne 3 is going to be bloody and violent.