Matthew Fox Arrested on Suspicion of DUI: Twitter Reacts


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Matthew Fox, star of such popular television programs as "Lost" and "Party of Five", was arrested in Oregon last Friday for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The actor, who was reportedly out and about for a late night snack, was pinched by police after Fox failed to "maintain lane" and for "failing to signal". After stopping the car, the office on-scene determined that Fox was fairly hammered and clearly in no condition to drive. He was arrested on the spot, processed, and released later that day.

Those of you who are currently foaming at the mouth for a juicy celebrity mugshot are about to suffer some serious disappointment, as the station's camera was apparently busted during the time of Fox's arrest. That means you'll have to do without for the time being. However, according to TMZ, Fox will have to return to have his picture taken, so chances are you'll get a fashionable shot before he heads back to court this June. Lucky you!

Fox is certainly no stranger to brushes with the law. In August of 2011, Matthew was charged with assault after punching a female bus driver in the chest and stomach before the lady retaliated with her own brand of celebrity punishment. The altercation apparently began when Fox attempted to board a private party bus in hopes of catching a ride back to his hotel. When the driver refused him entrance, the actor decided it was time to get violent. The egg, however, was clearly on Fox's face; instead of taking the actor's misguided abuse, the woman engaged in some daring fisticuffs of her own. Good for her.

So is Matthew Fox a middle-aged troublemaker, or is he just another Hollywood actor with a metric ton of personal issues lurking just beneath the surface? While you're formulating your own opinion to include in our comments section, have a look at some Twitter reactions to the incident. Prepare yourself for lots of "Lost" jokes. Lots and lots of "Lost" jokes.

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