Matilda Ledger: Heath Ledger's Daughter Living 'Normal' Life With Mom Michelle Williams

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Matilda Ledger, the daughter of the late Heath Ledger and actress Michelle Williams, is living a relatively normal life despite her extraordinary circumstances. A toddler at the time of her dad's death from a drug overdose, Matilda Ledger's aunt (Heath's sister), Kate Ledger, is updating his fans on the now nine-year-old.

"Michelle really does keep things real for her," Kate told the Sunday Telegraph via The Daily Mail. " And her existence, although different from most, is as normal as possible in an abnormal world."

Kate Ledger does her best to keep her brother's memory alive for his daughter.

"'I love telling [Matilda] stories about her daddy and how he grew up," she shared. "I think it's so important for her to have a good sense of where she comes from in order for her to get to know herself."

Matilda Ledger keeps her mother, Michelle Williams, very busy, according to her aunt.

"She's got his energy," Heath's father, Kim Ledger said. "Heath never slept from when he was two and Matilda's like that. She's just got this ball of energy and she radiates this little aura."

"Heath was kind of like that. So it's fabulous really," he added.

Fans were shocked when Heath Ledger died. They wondered at the time if Matilda Ledger would ever known who the Brokeback Mountain star was. Between Michelle Williams's hands-on parenting and her closeness with her dad's family, she'll likely grow up knowing plenty about her late dad.

Do you find it hard to believe that Matilda Ledger is already nine years old?

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