Master P Loses Kids After Failing To Appear In Court


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Master P is dealing with some serious baby mama drama and just lost custody of four of his children because he didn't even bother showing up for court.

While Master P will likely have a reason or excuse for not showing up, he hasn't released a statement about the court's decision.

Master P was taken to court by his ex-wife Sonya Miller who was awarded both physical and legal custody of the couple's four children, 13-year-old Hercy, 9-year-old Mercy, 17-year-old Tytyana and 14-year-old Italy.

Sonya and Master P have been in the midst of a heated divorce battle for several months, and although it's understandable that Master P is tired of dealing with the drama and his ex-wife, it seems like he would have at least showed up to make a request about the custody of his children.

Sonya has claimed that she does not have any money and needs spousal support from Master P. She also claims that she's been left destitute. Master P has said that he refuses to give his ex-wife any money until she straightens up and stops abusing drugs and alcohol. Of course, Sonya denies that she has a problem.

Before the court date was scheduled, Sonya sent Master P several legal documents for which he refused to respond to. When he also failed to show up for court, the judge decided to be hard on him.

Aside from losing custody of his children, Master P has also been ordered to pay for Sonya's legal fees, which amount to $75,000. The bill also includes sanctions for not showing up to court.

Master P better get his act together and start showing up for court, because it seems like Sonya is on the war path. She has requested $67 million from Master P and if he doesn't show up to protest the amount, she may just get it.

Why do you think Master P failed to show up at court?

Image via Wikimedia Commons