Martin Scorsese Executive Producer of 'Tomorrow' Starring Stephen Fry


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Martin Scorsese is executive producing the British movie, Tomorrow. He won't, however, be a lead producer in the project. Those roles are reserved for Neil Jones and Dean Mitchell.

"It’s an amazing script, with colorful characters and a truly uplifting story," Mitchell told the Hollywood Reporter. "The film deals with a number of important issues, including HIV and soldiers returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder and will be making an important statement in how it addresses these. With Martha at the helm, it’s going to be a beautiful picture."

Martha Pinson directs the film. It happens to be her directorial debut. Previously she has been Scorsese's script consultant. “Through [Martha Pinson's] vision, the great cast and dedicated team, this story will resonate for years,” Scorsese told Variety.

Tomorrow is a great script. The dialogue is brilliant and believable; the reversals and surprises are well placed and powerful. The characters and situations are vividly drawn,” Pinson added.

According to Screen Daily, the cast includes Stephen Fry, best known for The Hobbit; Stephanie Leonidas, of Defiance; Sebastian Street, from Age of Heroes; Stuart Brennan, who did Risen; Sophie Kennedy-Clark, best known for her work in Nymphomaniac and Philomena; Paul Kaye, of Game of Thrones fame; and Joss Stone, who played Anne of Cleves in The Tudors.

Photography will span from London to Spain and will go through October.

The script couldn't be more timely, as the film coincides with the United Kingdom's withdrawal from Afghanistan this December. The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that Britain is bring a close to a 13 year war that claimed 453 of their soldiers' lives.