Martha Stewart Guests On "Two Broke Girls"

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"Two Broke Girls", a hit show on CBS about two twenty-somethings living in New York City, is set to have a crafty icon guest star tonight on their season finale.

Martha Stewart, who embraces her legendary status as the craftiest lady in the nation, plays herself in the episode, in which Max and Caroline (played by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, respectively) stalk the "Martha Stewart Show" host in order to get her to try one of their cupcakes. The girls' goal is to open a cupcake shop, but are stuck waitressing for the moment; the sitcom follows their daily lives and the dichotomy between Max, a street-wise potty-mouth, and Caroline, a spoiled princess who is just learning to live on her own. When they spot Martha at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they set their sights on getting their cake in the hands of the most famous treat-maker in the country.


It will be interesting to see what Martha brings to the table, especially after being called "hilarious" by her new co-stars.

"...I felt so embarrassed and like we had to be very proper. But she’s hilarious. Her comedic timing blew me away. She was funny. I was quite impressed," Beth Behrs said.

Martha wrote about the experience on her blog and said she was "quite surprised and pleased" to be invited onto the show.

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