MarShawn McCarrel: 'Black Lives Matter' Activist Dies, Shoots Himself At Ohio Statehouse

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A Black Lives Matter activist has reportedly committed suicide in front of the Ohio Statehouse. The man was identified as MarShawn McCarrel, 23 years old.

According to reports, McCarrel, who hailed from the Columbus suburb of Franklin Township, shot himself outside the Statehouse on Monday evening.

Lt. Craig Cvetan of the State Highway Patrol says McCarrel died at the scene. Authorities said it is still unclear why the 23-year-old activist would kill himself.

“We don't have any evidence to know the reason why he did it,” said Cvetan. Local police said nobody saw the shooting, but McCarrel was seen on Statehouse grounds just before the gunfire. Cvetan also said that the man was probably alone at the time of his death.

McCarrel’s last Facebook post was made the day before he killed himself. “My demons won today. I'm sorry,” the post read.

Just hours before his death, McCarrel tweeted: “Let the record show that I pissed on the state house before i left.”

MarShawn McCarrel was an active member of Black Lives Matter movement. He got involved with the activist group in 2014 when he helped organize protests in Ohio after a police shot and killed an unarmed black Missouri teenager Michael Brown.

He is also the founding member of Pursuing our Dreams, which started Feed the Street, a charity project that aims to help and feed the homeless in Ohio. McCarrel’s experience with homelessness prompted him to create the organization. “We don't believe in heroes. We believe in neighbors,” Mccarrel previously said in an interview with Columbus Underground.

The young activist received Radio One’s Hometown Champions Award for his social works. Last Friday, McCarrel attended the NAACP’s Image Awards, according to the Pursuing our Dreams Facebook page.

MarShawn McCarrel Was an Activist and a Poet

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