Mars: War Logs Launches, Trailer Released


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Mars: War Logs, a new cyberpunk action-RPG, has been released for PC today. It is currently selling for $20 on Steam. The game's publisher has stated that it will be available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network "very soon."

Spiders Studios first announced the title back in December, when it seemed the announcement of cyberpunk-themed games had become a trend. The developer revealed the game as being set in a decadent, dystopian Mars where survivors of a "great cataclysm" fight over the planet's precious water supplies.

Though the fighting in the game is real-time, the game's mechanics still incorporate many RPG aspects. Players will be able to level up their characters to make them hard-hitting, stealthy, or into a "technomancer."

As a downloadable title, Mars: War Logs isn't likely to be as long or as polished as RPGs from larger studios. As the launch trailer for the game shows, however, the game's intriguing art direction and allusions to Dune may be enough for certain types of sci-fi fans to give it a try.