Marriage Counseling: Can It Save Jay-Z and Beyonce?

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Marriage counseling is reportedly the last hope for Jay-Z and Beyonce's faltering marriage. After months of marital imbalance and rumored controversies, the rapper is giving it his all to save his relationship.

The therapist who is conducting their marriage counseling was reportedly recommended by the couple's friend, Gwyneth Paltrow. If that therapist had a hand in saving her marriage to Chris Martin and causing the headline-exhausting "recoupling" efforts of the two, then perhaps there is hope for Jay-Z and Beyonce after all.

Marriage counseling will hopefully heal some of the wounds that have been opened in the extended family. The fight with Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, last month at the Met Gala was rumored to be over Jay-Z's flirting with Rachel Roy, whom he has been linked to for some time. However, there are suspicions floating around that Jay-Z has had numerous affairs during his marriage to Beyonce.

For several months, Mr. Carter has been awash in rumored hook-ups with the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora. Rita Ora, however, vehemently denied such tabloid fodder.

If I were facing the nasty, ugly side of Beyonce, I would deny as well.

The most disturbing of all the rumors came out last month when a source said, “When people talk about Jay-Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She is the person he calls when he needs to be discreet and thinking about old times. She is that very short named R&B singer who hasn’t had a hit in awhile and doesn’t really even act or record any longer. She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys. She peaked at A-.”

The "source" was insinuating that Jay-Z has had a long time behind the scenes relationship with hip-hop singer Mya. Whether that is true or not, the fact remains that Jay-Z is allegedly ready to part with his wandering ways and repair his marriage with Beyonce. Hopefully, marriage counseling will be the fix they need.

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