Marlon Wayans Uses Every Social Medium Imaginable to Promote 'A Haunted House 2'


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Marlon Wayans can't stop. The comedian will use every medium at his disposal to promote his latest movie, A Haunted House 2. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the usual suspects. But whoever heard of using Snapchat to promote a movie? And what is Whosay? We've already seen plenty of selfies and humpings of inanimate objects out of the comedian, so what's a few tweets more?

Because the film had its premiere last night and doesn't hit theaters on a wide release until tomorrow, A Haunted House 2 has no Rotten Tomatoes score. But through all the hype Wayans has created, 88% of 18,674 "want to see" this movie. The only review so far, from the Seattle Times, calls the movie "a scattershot, anything-goes affair that’s unapologetically stupid. Proudly stupid. Aggressively stupid." Maybe that will deter others, if the trailer hasn't already:

"Seeing the reactions of the fans and their tweets, they are nothing but supportive and they love the movie. So I feel good that I did my job and gave them their money's worth, and they saw it for free. There are some big, big laughs in this movie," Wayans told TalkTalk on the red carpet of the premiere. His previous movie made sixty million dollars worldwide, so it appears stupid jokes won't stop fans from seeing it. For those new to the series, Wayans gave some advice over Twitter:

Regal Entertainment Group is also recommending the first A Haunted House to their patrons. The movie theater chain is offering a digital download to those who come see the squeal in theaters. "Regal is happy to partner with Open Road Films in providing this offer to our guests," Director of Film Marketing Robbie Arrington said in a press release, "After watching this hilarious sequel within the four walls of one of our theatres, Regal fans can watch the original "A Haunted House" on their own television, computer, tablet or smartphone."

On the A Haunted House Facebook page, Wayans has been involved in his own promoting, including a Live Tweeting/YouTube Q&A:

And a live SnapChat session:

In his previous Q&As, Wayans has not been shy. Talking to Amy Kaufman of the Los Angeles Times, the comedian said what it was like to have sex with a doll:

She’s kinda sexy. I like when girls don’t blink. When I kiss, I kiss with my eyes open. I want to look into your soul. I grab women by the eyelashes and open their eyes up. They get a little nervous. But I think good sex is including five senses.

When asked about this particular aspect of his humor, Wayans explained "I’ve never progressed past the age of 15. I laugh a lot, and I don’t take things too serious. ... I think it’s good to be a kid again."

Wayans may tell jokes like a kid, but he looks like the only adult in this selfie at the premiere last night:

And what is Whosay? It's what Marlon Wayans takes selfies on, duh.

Image via maximotv, YouTube.