Marla Sokoloff Blogs About Mommy Guilt

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Actress and singer Marla Sokoloff is tackling the subject of mommy guilt on her People celebrity blog.

In her December 11 blog post titled "Searching for the Mommy Guilt Handbook", Sokoloff told readers about a recent nine day work trip to Chicago, and how hard it was to leave her 21 month-old daughter Elliotte behind in Los Angeles.

Sokoloff described weighing the decision of whether to take her daughter to Chicago or leave her home in Los Angeles with Sokoloff's husband and Elliotte's father, Alec Puro and the family's nanny.

The couple's mothers, who both live nearby, would also be on hand to assist if needed. In fact, Sokoloff said, both grandmas were "chomping at the bit to steal Elliotte for a sleepover."

Even knowing her daughter would be in the best of hands, Sokoloff reported feeling "intense" mommy guilt at the thought of leaving Elliotte. She said that guilt is what has kept her working close to home in LA since Elliotte's birth.

Based on a desire to keep Elliotte's routine as normal as possible, and the knowledge that long days on set would mean not seeing each other during Elliotte's waking hours even if she did tag along to Chicago, Sokoloff decided to leave her daughter home.

Sokoloff described doing a lot of sobbing in the moments leading up to her departure from LA, and feeling intense mommy guilt even as she felt challenged and excited by her work in Chicago.

So she's looking for a mommy guilt handbook. In the absence of one, she interviewed a few mommy friends and shared their thoughts on the subject in her blog post.

Sokoloff has been acting for over 20 years.

She started her career as Gia Mahan in the television sitcom Full House. From there she went on to play Jody Lynch on Party of Five and then to her most notable and long-lasting role: receptionist Lucy Hatcher on The Practice.

Sokoloff has also done stints on television series such as Friends and Desperate Housewives and starred in several movies including Whatever It Takes, The Climb, and Dude, Where's My Car?

The multi-talented Sokoloff also sings and plays guitar. She released a solo album, Grateful, in 2005.

Sokoloff married Puro, a film and television composer and one-time drummer for the band Deadsy, in 2009.

Sokoloff joins other celebrity moms such as Josie Maran, Jenna von Oy, and Elisabeth Röhm to blog about all things motherhood related at People.

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