Mark Zuckerberg Predicts Facebook Could Have Five Billion Followers in 14 Years

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Mark Zuckerberg has huge hopes for Facebook. The company CEO said at an event on Monday that he wants to see five billion followers on the social media site by the year 2030.

Tuesday was dubbed "Friends Day" at Facebook in honor of its 12th anniversary, and it was then that Mark Zuckerberg spoke to those gathered at the company's new Frank Gehry-designed headquarters.

“We want to finish connecting everyone, we’re going to do it in partnership with governments and different companies all over the world,” Zuckerberg said, pointing to a large wall photo of a boomerang-shaped drone Facebook has developed, and calls Aquila. “It’s solar-powered, and it’ll just fly around a city and beam down Internet access. It’s, like, pretty crazy, right?”

Mark Zuckerberg has talked of connecting the rest of the world to Facebook for several years. Not all countries are in favor of the idea, however.

Regulators shut down Facebook in India, claiming the company was violating "net neutrality." Egypt has completely banned Facebook.

One of Mark Zuckerberg's ideas with Aquila is to bring the internet to remote places, like refugee camps.

What's your take on Zuckerberg's aim to have five billion Facebook members by the year 2030? Does everything Mark Zuckerberg touches turn to gold?

That will likely depend on the kind of reception he gets from leaders around the world, with the Middle East no doubt being the most resistant.

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