Mark Wahlberg 'Dreading' the Day his Daughters Date

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Mark Wahlberg's four kids are growing up fast, too fast as far as he is concerned.

The Transformers: Age of Instinction actor says he is "dreading" the moment his daughters become teenagers and begin dating.

Mark is father to two girls — ten-year-old Ella and four-year-old Grace with wife Rhea Durham. The couple also have two sons, eight-year-old Michael and five-year-old Brendan.

One might argue that he still has time and should just enjoy the moment while they are still little, but as all parents know, they really do grow up fast.

Wahlberg is well-known as a good dad and it's no secret that he loves being a father, but admits he is anxious about the duties which come with parenthood as the kids get older.

"I'm dreading the teenage years with my daughters; it's not going to be easy for them to go on a date," he joked with People.

"My boys are obsessed with everything sports. The first thing out of their mouths in the morning when their eyes are barely open is, 'Dad, did the Clippers win?'"

Mark and Rhea have been together since 2001 and married in August 2009. A large family was always part of the bigger picture for the family, even if it does come with a certain amount of stress and difficulties.

"It's not easy. But it's how we always pictured things," he said.

"I pray for patience. But the kids test me."

The 43-year-old star may know what he's talking about. The younger version of Wahlberg had various run-ins with the police and he didn't graduate from high school.

Having overcome a difficult start to life and making it through his struggles, Wahlberg is determined to encourage his kids, guide them and support them in life's endeavors.

"I want to give them all the things I never had but make sure they understand it's not normal and that it takes hard work to get what you want," he noted. "You have to provide them with the tools that will make them good people."

"I think the most important thing is to always be involved in every aspect of their life," Wahlberg told Esquire. "To give them enough trust that they can share things with you. I don’t want them to be terrified of me, you know? But I don’t want them to think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, either, because they can't."

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