Mark-Paul Gosselaar: A "Saved By The Bell" Drinking Game

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar was a huge part of many, many childhoods and formative teen years; if you're of a certain age, you remember him fondly as the tanned, cheerleader-chasing, Sun-In-haired bad boy of Bayside High who always managed to get one over on the principal.

But Zack Morris is all growds up--as is evidenced by his recent second marriage-- and while he's been well out of the "Saved By The Bell" limelight for a while now, it's hard for us to let go of that beach-bum scamp we all came to know and love on Saturday mornings.

The good news is, you don't have to. Find some old episodes of the show, grab some beers and buddies, and get to work with this "Saved By The Bell" drinking game. Guaranteed to get you wasted in one episode or less.

If you don't drink, no worries! Sit back and watch for the things on this list and pretend it's a scavenger hunt. All the fun without the hangover!

1. Drink every time Zack talks to the camera.


2. Drink every time Jessie calls Slater a "pig".


3. Drink every time Lisa is mean to Screech.


4. Drink every time Slater dances. Drink twice if he's doing it to show up Zack.

5. Drink every time Screech messes something up. Dammit, Screech.

6. Drink every time Zack freezes time, which is still unexplained to this day.

I could go on with this for as long as the internet has time for, but I think you get the point. Find something the cast does over and over--which isn't hard--and drink to it. And then drunk-dial your girlfriend on your enormous cellular telephone.

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