Mario Golf: World Tour Redefines Water Hazard

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Golf punishes players who hit balls into the water with a one stroke penalty. What happens then when the entire course is underwater? Mario Golf may have the answer.

Nintendo released a new trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour today showing off the title's new course - Cheep Cheep Lagoon. The entire course takes place underwater as players attempt to navigate a number of hazards inherent to deep sea golfing, such as Urchins and coral reefs.

So, does Mario Golf: World Tour ever explain how they're able to play underwater? Or how Daisy is able to breathe underwater without any kind of oxygen delivery apparatus? Do they even explain why golf plays exactly the same underwater as it does on land? Nope, and it doesn't need to. It's a Mario Golf game. It can do whatever it damn well pleases.

Mario Golf: World Tour will be out in North America on May 2.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube

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