Mario Bros. Actor Danny Wells Dies At Age 72

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Danny Wells, who was famous for playing Luigi on the television adaptation of the popular video game franchise, has died. Super Mario Bros. is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, and with Mario as a staple of the Nintendo games, it was enough to give the video game its own television show, which does not happen often.

The character actor who was famous for playing Luigi died at the age of 72 in Toronto, Canada on November 28th, 2013. Danny Wells, whose real name was Jack Westelman, was a native of Montreal.

The Montreal Gazette released his obituary online, and even allows for people to sign a guestbook online, sending a message to the late actor.

He also played the recurring character of Charlie The Bartender on The Jeffersons. Danny Wells appeared as the green Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which started in 1989, and lasted for 65 episodes. He was seen in the live-action parts of the show, and also voiced the character for the animated portions.

His co-star on the show, who played Mario, Lou Albano, died in 2009 at the age of 76. The show featured the same story from the video game franchise, which centers on Mario and Luigi as they travel to different lands trying to save the different worlds from the evil Bowser, and meet up with Princess Peach along the way.

Danny Wells made his on-screen debut in Love, American Style, and later appeared in many other films and television shows as a character actor including such hits as Magnolia, Sanford And Son, and The A-Team.

Fans of the show, and those that were fortunate enough to have worked with him will all mourn the loss of Danny Wells, a man who was not recognized as others were, but clearly had an extensive career that is worth noting. The Mario Bros. actor will be forever remembered as one of the key character actors of his generation.

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