Mario Batali Purchases 200 Pairs of Crocs


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I guess orange is the new orange, or at least something like that, according to Mario Batali's most recent purchase of 200 bright orange Crocs. While the love of Crocs is understandable, the love of orange Crocs takes on a new meaning for Batali who claims that the color in this specific hue is the “Batali family national color” as colors go. Batali, the famous chef-turned restaurateur-turned entrepreneur-turned writer-turned bulk purchaser of Crocs (phew, that's long), made the recent purchase after discovering the company's intentions to discontinue the color choice.

The interest in orange was best explained in a June interview with Inc. that Batali gave. “My children started wearing orange and yellow coats so we could identify them in a sea because there is nothing more frightening than not being able to find your children, especially young ones who could easily wander out into the street, or whatever could happen to them in New York City. We could say, 'Oh there they are! Orange and yellow right there!'”

Batali is so enthusiastic about Crocs that he collaborated to have a style named in his honor “Bistro Mario Batali” in May of 2007. Batali touted that the purpose behind the shoes “brings functionality for the kitchen to the equation producing a product that I am happy to support.” Fortunately, these shoes will still be available for purchase.

The Batali-endorsed Bistro shoes are described on as the following: "When it gets hot in the kitchen, go with the iconic Mario Batali clog with open vents for more breathability. Designed for all-day, on-the-job comfort, this clog includes our Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant tread."

In the meantime, the media personality has been busy appearing on cooking shows and tweeting about recipes in anticipation for one of the arguably most popular eating days, Thanksgiving.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]