Marine Corps Hats, Is It Time To Change Fashions?


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Considering all the recent discussion about the government shutting down, then reopening for business, and how to run presently operating -- or non-operating systems -- why don't we take a moment to focus on the important things in life? For instance, what types of hats should people wear? More specifically, what types of hats should Marines Corps wear? Athletic, smart, capable, and selfless individuals who choose to devote themselves to others as Marines Corps are now being subjected to a potential uniform change.

The proposition is to transition the official dress code over to include a more universally unisex dress cap, also referred to as a "cover" instead of the one presently worn. The proposed hats are so fancy that they even have their own name, the "Dan Daly” hat, in honor of Sergeant Major Dan Daly who won the Medal of Honor for services in Belleau Wood during World War I.

The hat is not an entirely-unique design, but rather is based somewhat from a design used by the Marines from 1904 to 1918.

Many have taken to the Marine Corps Times website to offer their opinions about the potential fashion change, which is not yet a done deal. Active duty as well as Reserve Marines may share opinions via a survey distributed by the Marine Corps Uniform Board until Friday. However, the decision on whether to adopt the change will not be made until October 29 when the the Marine Corps Uniform Board meets to consider input from the survey.

Poster Jamie Barrie wrote on the website. "We don't have money to train but we have money to make ridiculous uniform changes. We don't have money to run the government but we have money to post guards at open monuments."

Other posters shared the same sentiments.

"Please do not fix something that is not broken. Let the women wear the male uniform. That's fine. Do not change what I am so very proud to have earned and worn," Jonathan Wood wrote.

"I don't get it. The Marine dress uniform is the best looking uniform in the US military. Why anyone would want to change perfection should be monkey stomped and have their brains mailed back to their mother," wrote Anthony Wescott.

One poster suggested a consolidation of the present uniform options instead of new designs.

"Since everything is about consolidation and saving money, changing the female Marines over to the male cover would be the obvious move. It also looks better and would have the least impact on the thousands of current male Marines and veterans," Jeff Klaus said.

Regardless of whether the change happens, many are wondering why those wearing the hats are not the topic of discussion and admiration, instead of the hats themselves.

[Image Via Marine Corps Times]