Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon Reportedly Not Ready To Call It Quits?


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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are headed for divorce. It's no secret.

However, are they both in agreement with going their separate ways? According to E! News, the answer is no! An insider close to the couple shared some details about their opposing perspectives.

While Mariah is ready to throw in the towel, Nick reportedly wants another chance. "Mariah has started the divorce process. She's getting all her ducks in a row," the source revealed.

"Nick recently asked if she wanted to bring in a marriage counselor" to work through their marital problems. However, the Grammy Award-winning singer isn't having it. "She won't be caught off-guard again," the source said.

"She was devastated when he spoke out about their issues. She's started the proceedings to make sure the ball is in her court from now on." The source went on to discuss Mariah's current plans.

The Elusive Chanteuse singer is making plans to purchase a new home. She has reportedly been spending lots of time in Atlanta looking at homes in the Buckhead area.

However, real estate isn't her only reason for traveling down south. The "Art of Letting Go" singer has also been making career moves, meeting with producers and songwriters so she can begin working on her next project.

Although the mother of two was reportedly devastated about her husband's alleged affairs, the source revealed she's holding up much better than most would expect.

"Mariah's been looking at houses. She may want to spend time in Atlanta after the tour. She's not too sure about anything right now, but she has been seeing houses," the source revealed. "She's good though. She's doing better than people think."

So, what does Nick think about Mariah's rumored plans? According to the insider, he's not ready to let it all go. Nick's been talking about giving things another try. He wants another chance."

Will Mariah Carey give Nick Cannon another chance? Only time will tell.