Maria Menounos Survives Tire Iron Attack

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Maria Menounos was scared to death, but unharmed, when her car was attacked by a person wielding a tire iron a few days ago. The Extra host was leaving New York's JFK Airport when she heard a loud noise she first believed was gunfire.

"We were merging onto the expressway and all of a sudden we heard an explosion. I thought we were being shot at so I told everyone, 'We’re being shot at! Put your heads down!' And everyone put their heads down," she said. "We waited a second and we didn’t hear another shot, so I lifted my head up and turned around, and the whole back window was shattered and gone, not even a stitch of glass was left."

That's when she realized a tire iron had been thrown through the back window of the car.

Maria Menounos was riding in the front seat of the car, however her makeup artist was in the back seat.

“So either someone ran back and smashed the back of the window and ran and nobody saw (them), or someone was in close proximity and threw it through the back window. Either way, my makeup artist was in the back seat covered in glass,” she added.

Maria shared the 'after shot' of the tire iron attack via Instagram.


Omg this just happened. Huge explosion thought we got shot..:now we think someone approached the car in traffic and blew out our window

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She also shared a photo of the weapon the vandal used to smash out the back window of the car.


This is what they used!!! This is so crazy!!! We are all freaked out

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This was definitely a very frightening incident for Maria Menounos and her makeup artist. It will be interesting to learn if the incident is still under investigation and if so, whether the perpetrator knew specifically that Menounos was in the car.

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