Maria Bartiromo Officially Going to FOX Business


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In November it was announced that Maria Bartiromo would be leaving CNBC after spending 20 years as an anchor at the network.

Bartiromo has now found a new home - FOX Business News.

Starting February 1st Bartiromo will anchor a daily market hours program for FOX Business News, as well as a business focused show on FOX News Channel on Sundays. Bartiromo will also be the Global Markets Editor for FOX Business News.

Of the news, Chairman and CEO of FOX News Roger Ailes said, “I tapped Maria to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange while at CNBC, and I am delighted to have her join me once again alongside our star lineup at FOX Business.”

It has been noted that Ailes and Bartiromo have talked about a move to FOX off and on for five years. According to Ailes, "I finally decided that she'd be terrific in our lineup, and it happened to fit her timing and her contract. And she'll be seen on Fox News. She's a star, and she'll do some fill-in anchoring."

The business journalist also took to her Twitter to announce her signing with FOX Business.

One person on Twitter was shocked that Bartiromo went to FOX Business News.

Capital New York TV and media reporter Alex Weprin also took to his Twitter to announce the official news of Bartiromo going to FOX Business News.

Image via Bartiromo's official Twitter account.