Maria Bartiromo Booed After Citing Hillary Clinton's "Impressive Resume" At Republican Debate

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Maria Bartiromo had high hopes for Tuesday night's Republican debate.

In addition to letting voters know what each candidate was all about in the areas of economics and fiscal responsibility, Maria Bartiromo said in a pre-debate interview that she was also hoping for a good showcase of the talent at Fox Business channel.

Also, Maria Bartiromo was ready to talk about questions detailing the personal lives of candidates that are heavy on the minds of voters.

While voters wanted to see the gaps that the widely-panned CNBC debate left open finally filled, Maria Bartiromo also planned on focusing some questions that have come up recently about the candidates themselves.

Take for instance Ben Carson's unorthodox beliefs about the Egyptian pyramids.

She said, "When you have an elephant in the room, I think you have to address it."

But, Maria Bartiromo likely never expected to be booed at the debate, which is exactly what happened.

Maria Bartiromo cited Clinton's "impressive resume" and said Clinton has spent "more time in government than almost all of you on stage tonight."

Serious boos followed.

Maria Bartiromo went on anyway, asking, "Why should the American people trust you to lead this country even though she has been so much closer to the office?"

Did you watch the debate last night? How do you think Maria Bartiromo did?

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