Man Ties Up Girl To Play Video Games


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The world is either getting more and more perverted and bizarre, or the internet and the 24 hour news cycle are bringing things to my attention that have been going on for years. This time the news comes out of Sarasota, Florida. Where a 27 year old man has been arrested for child abuse.

Apparently the little girl who was abused said that Heath Howe, her father, grabbed her and tied her up with a rope in the kitchen while she was watching TV. He left her there while he played what was described by the little girl as "bad video games."

She wasn't discovered until her mother and her mother's friend came home from shopping. It is apparent to the police that this wasn't an isolated event because her mother's friend said that the mother made no attempt to untie the girl and that she had to do it.

The rope was tied so tight it left marks on the girl's left and right arms, deputies said. Heath Howe has been arrested and charged with child abuse.

picture courtesy of MyFoxTampaBay