Man Texts Probation Officer Looking to Buy Pot

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On average, Americans send and receive over 40 text messages every day. With all of that texting, one is bound to screw up every once in a while and text the wrong person.

Let's just call this the most unlucky instance of that.

WALB is Albany, Georgia says that Alvin Cross Jr. has been sentenced to a couple years in prison after making a really, really costly texting mistake.

Among others in Cross' phone likely sits his dealer and his probation officer. I'll let you guess which one got the message when he texted "You have some weed?"

The text led to a raid of Cross' home, in which police found a sack of cocaine. He has reportedly been sentenced to a year in prison for the cocaine, and another year for probation violation. No word on why Cross was on probation in the first place.

While you may think this couldn't happen to you, do note that even the famous can make the wrong-medium-for-ordering-drugs mistake.

Image via Joshua Blount, Flickr Creative Commons

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