"Man Of Steel 2": Title Announced For Sequel

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With DC quickly pumping as many characters into the upcoming Man of Steel sequel as possible, it was no longer practical to expect the sequel to be titled Superman vs Batman.

Today it was announced that the movie will be called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

*cringes involuntarily*

Okay, okay.

It's not a terrible movie title.

It's just embarrassingly obvious that DC and Warner Bros. are not too subtly trying to jump-start a movie universe full of their characters in the vein of the Marvel Studios comic book universe. It's also obvious that these companies, rather than taking the time to plan and establish character storylines and movies to continue through a period of decades, is trying to cut corners.

Between this and writer David Goyer's recent comic-related comments, it's easy to have concerns that the title is just the tip of this project's problematic iceberg.

Speaking of the title, can we even be sure it's a sequel at this point? I mean...it's Batman's name out in front.

That leaves the Man of Steel sandwiched between the Dark Knight and the Justice league. Safe to say it looks and sounds like he's being squeezed out of his own movie.

The Justice League movie is expected to hit theaters in 2018.

This prequel-sequel is tasked with continuing the momentum of the Nolan Batman trilogy (which, despite its success is not related to this latest movie) and the Man of Steel (which ruined so much of the Superman mythology, it's a wonder there's anything reparable going forward).

Despite the early concerns, the 2016 movie could manage to bring everything together in a plausible and enjoyable manner. A "flop" would be disastrous and send DC and WB back to the drawing board for not just one, but potentially all of their movie-related efforts.

No doubt fans are hoping against hope that this is a "dawn" of a wonderful era for DC-comic films.

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