Man Killed By 20' Foot Pile of Beans

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A 56-year-old man was killed by a 20-foot pile of pinto beans in a Colorado warehouse last Thursday, according to police.


After extensive efforts to rescue him, Raymond Segura Jr. was pronounced dead at the Kelley Bean Company facility in Brush, Colorado, according to Morgan County Undersheriff Dave Martin. "We moved several tons of beans to get to him," Martin stated.

Emergency personel arrived at the warehouse at 11:30 AM, after a call was placed, reporting that a worker was trapped under a loose pile of beans. Martin noted that dozens of workers, along with 4 inmates from the county jail spent an hour digging through a 20-foot pile of legumes, in attempts to get to Segura, but he had suffocated by the time he was finally reached.

Martin stated that Segura was a longtime resident of the Brush area, and had been working at Kelley Bean for 12-15 years. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

In related news, a Sri Lankan man recently perished while attempting to set the world record for the longest period of remaining buried alive. It is not clear if the inflatable device a professional skier had recently used to save her from an avalanche would function in the arenas of dirt and beans.

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