Man Blackmailed After Responding to Craigslist Sex Ad with Naked Photo

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My mother always told me "Josh, never send naked selfies to people you don't know on the internet." That was her favorite mom warning, apart from "Josh, don't blackmail people."

Moms are so smart.

A Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty to second-degree theft by extortion and is looking at a 5-year prison sentence after he blackmailed a man who sent him naked photos of himself in response to a Craigslist ad.

According to the New Jersey State Police, the victim (an unnamed New Jersey resident) responded to an ad for gay sex taken out by 42-year-old Steven J. Beisher. The victim's response came in the form of a naked photo, which Beisher decided to use to blackmail the victim.

According to the New Jersey Attorney General's office:

"Beisher found the victim’s telephone number and address and called him the following day, threatening to expose the victim to his wife and family if he did not pay Beisher money. Beisher called repeatedly to demand that the victim meet him at various locations in Philadelphia to make payments."

And it worked–at least for a while. Over the next 9 days, our victim made 7 payments to Beisher, totaling $1,950. I guess 7 times is enough, as our extortee refused to meet with Beisher for an eighth time, instead electing to report him to state police.

It appears that theft, in all its forms, is Beisher's thing. He has 8 prior convictions, ranging from burglary to receiving stolen property and even another theft by extortion charge.

Crime doesn't pay, and don't send pictures of your dick to strangers. Thus ends today's lesson.

Image of Steven Beisher via NJ AG's office

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