Man Arrested for Having Sex With Pool Raft. Again.

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Back in 2011, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that a man had been arrested in a very bizarre case. He had been caught publicly engaging in "sexual activity" with a pink inflatable pool raft.

The Smoking Gun carried further details about the man, Edwin Charles Tobergata, then 32. Apparently, his neighbor had caught him in the alley behind their house, his pants around his ankles, having at the pool raft, which belonged to the neighbor. The cops were called. Tobergata was arrested. He told police that he had a problem and needed help. His mother told them that he had a history of mental instability and abuses his prescription medication.

Fast forward two years.

WHIO-TV News reports that Edwin Charles Tobergata has been arrested, again. He stepped out his back door naked, and started having “sexual relations with a rubber pool float”, again. There have been some reports that it was the same float. But this one was orange.

A neighbor, Theresa Teague, said her 10-year-old daughter was enjoying her new backyard pool when she ran back in the house and told her mother, “Edwin was doing something weird out there.”

Tobergata was caught having sex with the inflatable pool toy that the neighbors had put out to the trash.

“He was yelling, ‘Please forgive me. I won’t do it again. Don’t call the police,’ ” as he ran back into his house, Teague said.

The little girl is now afraid to play in her own back yard. Her family is thinking about entering her into a counseling program to help her with the problem.

These two incidents are not Tobergata's only brushes with the law for indecent exposure and sexual activity. In 2008 he had been arrested for felony public indecency. Before that, in 2006, he had been charged with public indecency, and while in jail had exposed himself to a guard.

Neighbors familiar with his condition say he needs help, probably medication, not jail.

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