Mamie Gummer of 'Ricki and the Flash' Shares What It's Like Working With Mom Meryl Streep

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Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep’s 32-year-old daughter, shared what it's like to work with her famous, award-winning mother in their collaboration, Ricki and the Flash.

In an interview with ET Online, Mamie Gummer said there was one downside to working with her mom.

“She had a much larger dressing room than I did," said Gummer.

In Ricki and the Flash, Streep and Mamie play a mother and daughter working through some issues. Streep plays rocker Ricki, who goes home to her family after leaving them in hopes of being a rockstar. When she returns, Ricki learns that daughter Julie has been dumped by her husband. Add some resentment over her mother's abandonment and it leads to a lot of stress between the two and some confrontations, which proved difficult for Mamie Gummer.

“I was nervous about it, leading up to filming it," said Gummer. "She was fine. I think she was pleased actually. It was funny because I tear into her and when we called cut there was this big grin on her face.”

The fact that Mamie has felt some of the same emotions as her character added to the strain, although they actresses have always enjoyed a strong relationship.

“There was no point in my life that I felt abandoned," admitted Mamie. "My mom worked really hard, and I know sacrificed on both ends, but to really maintain a pretty fair balance, and we were always the priority.”

Meryl Streep has wonderful things to say about her daughter, who starred in The Newsroom.

“She’s brave and fearless and funny and free," Meryl Streep told People magazine. "She’s a free talent. It doesn’t have any cover up – she’s the real deal.”

Ricki and the Flash starring Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield hits theaters on Aug. 7.

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