Mamie Gummer Acts Mean To Mother Meryl Streep On Camera

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Mamie Gummer had her worries with acting mean towards her mother. The actress talks about her film with Oscar-winning actress and real life mother Meryl Streep.

The two appear together in the film Ricki and the Flash with Rick Springfield as Meryl Streep’s love interest and bandmate.

Gummer said, "It was a little bit troubling to look at the person that you love most in the world and just..." Gummer gesture something like clawing. "It was a little bit alarming how quickly that all was accessed, and I was worried that I would be wounding to her in some way" she added.

Being the professional actress that she is, Meryl Streep was rather proud of her daughter as quoted by US Daily, "I was blown away. I’m not objective — I think she’s fantastic. ... But I think other people have corroborated that."

The film Ricki and the Flash tells the story of a rock star mom played by Meryl Streep, who constantly reaches out to her estranged daughter played by Mamie Gummer.

The real life mother and daughter first appeared together in the movie Heartburn, which was released in 1986. Gummer was a baby then. Twenty-nine years after, the two collaborate once again on the big screen.

On her experience working with her mother, Gummer said, "It was a wonderful and quite profound experience."

"[The best thing about working with my mom] is the shorthand, I guess. And also how respectful she is of everyone on a project. It makes for a really pleasant experience," she said during the premiere.

Meryl Streep also told reporters during their film’s New York premiere, "I'm very proud of all my children—all my daughters and my son—yeah. It's not just her. I've got some stars at home too."

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