Mallory Edens Steals the Show at NBA Draft Lottery


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Who knew pulling ping pong balls could garner so much attention?

If she didn’t know before, Mallory Edens, daughter of Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens, certainly does now as the 18-year-old became an overnight sensation because of it.

Serving as the Milwaukee Bucks representative in the NBA draft lottery, Edens stood beside Julius Irving, the Philadelphia 76ers representative, and David Griffin of the Cleveland Cavaliers, not knowing that she was trending on Twitter and gaining hundreds of followers by the second, all because of her looks.

At the start of the broadcast, Edens had 249 Twitter followers. By the end, she had about 10,000. That figure has since tripled, at least. It’s likely not due to any witty conversations or thought-provoking musings she has shared on the social media site, as she’s fairly new on Twitter and hasn’t posted much. And since half the people who watched the lottery have no idea of what actually went on, it’s pretty safe to assume her followers are just there to ogle her.

Wesley, the newest owner of the Bucks, bought the team with Marc Lasry for a cool $550 million. The team also scored the second pick of the draft, which is slightly disappointing considering they had the worst record in the league this season.

The team is sure to gain a few new fans, however, thanks to the help of Ms. Edens.

Did you watch the draft lottery? If so, were you just as distracted by Edens as everyone else was? Leave your thoughts below!

Image via YouTube