Malin Akerman Brings Comedy To ABC In "Trophy Wife"


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Malin Akerman, a Swedish actress, has been in several films over the years and appeared with brief stints on a number of television shows as well. If you have not heard her name before now, it may be just because many of her roles have been in independent films, or she has simply just been a minor character in the film.

Her most recent project is a comedy on ABC called Trophy Wife. Previously, she has appeared in films such as 27 Dresses, Couples Retreat, and many more. She has been seen in several films, but never received much recognition for her work and perhaps turned to television as a way to remedy that. Her new show, Trophy Wife, centers around Akerman as she tries to fit in as the third wife to an older man, stepparent his three kids and deal with his meddling ex wives, according to US Weekly. Of course, a character like this would be seen as a trophy wife, as Akerman is a younger blonde that an older guy would want more than his ex-wives who are all much older.

She is forced to keep her cool while she deals with his first ex, the other star of the show, Marcia Gay Harden. Akerman plays Kate, a reformed party girl, who finds dififculty dealing with kids for the first time. Her new husband is played by Bradley Whitford and his other ex-wife is Michaela Watkins. Akerman has always had an appreciation for comedy and gravitated toward the genre partly because of her parents and their silliness. NBC News mentions that the 35-year-old actress also recently became a mother in real life, and the news came shortly after she accepted the role.

She has also turned to television after feeling that her slew of films was getting to be too hectic of a schedule for her, and wanted more time with her family. She said of the role, "You know what? I would love to just be home, be with my husband, be with my friends and just kind of have more of a regular schedule."

Trophy Wife premiered on September 24, and will continue airing on Tuesdays at 9:30 throughout the Fall season. It airs on ABC, following the new series The Goldbergs.

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