Malia Obama Works on Set of Halle Berry's 'Extant'

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Malia Obama, daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, worked on the set of Halle Berry's upcoming sc-fi series Extant for a day. The aspiring filmmaker will be a junior in high school come fall, and was no doubt getting up close and personal with what her future work might entail.

Malia clapped together the board that indicates the beginning of shooting a scene. The almost-16-year-old (Malia Obama turns 16 on the 4th of July) must have been completely enthralled by the goings-on on this Hollywood set.

Extant is set to begin airing in July. In addition to starring Halle Berry it is produced by Amblin Television which was founded by Steven Spielberg. These two components add to the likelihood of the new series becoming an instant hit. How exciting will it be for Malia Obama to not only watch the show and know she spent a day on set, but to share that excitement with her friends as well?

No one from the White House has yet commented on Malia's exciting adventure. She attends Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., however it is far more likely that she was allowed this privilege because she is the president's daughter than the chance that it was a school-related project.

Some reports are indicating that Malia will work for the entire summer on the Extant set as Halle Berry's assistant.

Even though Michelle Obama is rather strict with Malia and sister Sasha Obama as far as watching television goes, Malia did admit during an interview about her famous dad back in January that she is a fan of the hit TV show Girls. Hopefully Mom will bend the rules a bit and allow the sisters to catch a few episodes of Extant when it begins airing next month.

If nothing more emerges from Malia Obama's visit to this Hollywood set, she will forever have the memories of a very exciting day away from the White House and away from school. Not many teens can file this kind of experience away in their memory banks.

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