Malia Obama on 'Girls' Set in Daisy Dukes Gets Conservative Panties Bunched [Pics]

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Malia Obama turns 17 soon. If the responses to her latest activities from Conservatives are any indication, she will stir up vitriol on that side of the political aisle just as easily as her father did.

Reports have hit that Malia Obama is interning for the HBO series Girls, starring conservative punching bag Lena Dunham. Photos of Malia on the set of the show wearing cutoff denim shorts hit TMZ.

Malia previously interned on Halle Berry's show Extant.

Back in 2012, Michelle Obama spoke to People of Malia's interest in filmmaking.

"Malia has expressed some interest in filmmaking. Just like her father, she is an avid reader, and she enjoys movies. But she's a freshman, so she also knows she has years in college to explore her interest."

In quick response, Young Conservatives derided the show and chided the President for what it presumed was personal influence in getting Malia an internship.

"If Obama truly wants to see his daughter succeed in Hollywood, he should take a page out of Clint Eastwood’s book. Eastwood refused to use his power and influence to get his son, Scott Eastwood, jobs in movies and TV shows."

Breitbart's readers took to the news with unmitigated fervor and glee:

"A lying little no talent, just like her old man!"

"If it were a Republican letting their kids hang out with Lena you could bet your backside CPS would be called."

"Soros is doing quite a lot behind the scenes."

"Isn't Malia's dad considered an oreo?"

"Almost as stupid Michelle who looks like a linebacker with boobs giving 90 lb gymnast Gabi Douglas diet tips"

"I hope he winds up like Mussolini!"

President Obama himself spoke just last year of Malia's specific fascination with Girls and her parents' thoughts on it.

“I’m at the very young end of the Baby Boom generation, which meant that I did not come of age in the sixties—took for granted certain freedoms, certain attitudes about gender, sexuality, equality for women, but didn’t feel as if I was having to rebel against something,” Obama said. “Precisely because I didn’t have a father in the home and moved around a lot as a kid and had a wonderfully loving mom and grandparents, but not a lot of structure growing up, I emerged on the other side of that with an appreciation for family and marriage and structure for the kids. I’m sure that’s part of why Michelle and her family held such appeal to me in the first place, because she did grow up with that kind of structure. And now, as parents, I don’t think we’re being particularly conservative—we’re actually not prudes. . . . But, as parents, what we have seen, both in our own family and among our friends, is that kids with structure have an easier time of it.”

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