Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Possibly Found?


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It has been nearly two weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was seen or heard from. Since then, a growing number of nations have done their utmost to try and find the jetliner and the 239 persons aboard.

It is being reported that within the past day a serious lead has emerged. This new smoking gun could signal that the plane has at least been found.

According to satellite images shared by Australian officials a few days ago, four large objects were seen floating in the waters some distance off the coast of southern Australia.

Believing these images could possibly be the remains of the downed Boeing 777, a concentrated search effort has moved into the region.

Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters in Kuala Lumpur that a major goal was to "reduce the area of the search", which is thought to span 1500 square miles at present. He added that he expected this newest search effort to "continue overnight".

This is a major shift from previous leads which had the plane crashing somewhere in the Gulf of Thailand or even in the waters near India. Now it is feared that the plane may have gone down in frigid waters between Australia and Antarctica.

There have also been a number of false leads and conflicting eye-witness reports that caused a frustrating delay in the search due to the need to verify and dismiss them.

What separates this newest break in the case of the missing plane from the others is that there has been corroboration of some sort by other satellite images.

Time is not on the side of searchers as the objects, which range in size from 79ft to 16ft, may no longer be in the area they were first spotted. It is possibly they could be drifting away from the search area.

Investigators expect to work hard over the next couple of days to locate the objects and find out one way or another if MH370 has been discovered at last.

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