"Making A Murderer": Steve Avery Says Brothers Could Have Killed Teresa Halbach, Juror Stands By Verdict

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Making A Murderer has become a seriously divisive documentary.

Families and friends have surely come to fisticuffs over the question of Steve Avery's innocence or guilt because of the fiasco that is Making a Murderer.

As episodes of Making A Murderer roll across my screen, I know I change my mind with every hour.

Whether or not the right man is behind bars is a question that has even spawned petitions to the White House.

However, one juror that sat for the case that ended in Steve Avery's conviction says that despite the questions raised by Making A Murderer, she is sure they have the right man.

If you're not hooked yet, allow me:

The juror, Diane Free, insists that she is "comfortable with the verdict we reached. The thing on Netflix was a movie, not a documentary."

This is a position that has been held by the prosecution since the release of Making A Murderer.

Ken Kratz, the prosecuting attorney in the case, claims that he was never asked to participate in the making of Making A Murderer.

He said of Making A Murderer, "It's not a documentary at all. It's an advocacy piece. If I was spoon-fed only what the Netflix documentary wanted me to see, I'd come to exactly the same conclusion."

Interesting. But, Steve Avery himself has suggested a few other people that could have committed the horrific murder of Theresa Halbach.

For example, he claims either one of his brothers, Charles or Earl, could have done it.

They both have a criminal history of sexual assault against women and other more minor charges, like paying unwanted attention to females visiting the salvage yard. Charles did so even to the point that one woman who he continued contacting admitted that she feared him.

Charles was also charged with sexually assaulting his wife, but she later dropped those charges.

Earl was charged in 1995 of sexually assaulting his own two daughters. He pleaded no contest.

Plus, both of them are just generally pretty creepy on Making A Murderer, right?

Avery also suggested that the man who was dating Brendan Dassey's mother, Barb, had the temperament of a murderer.

Many of his co-workers referred to him as a psychopath and as "not being hooked up right."

He also said Barb's other son, Bobby, had the means to do the job.

Where do you stand on this case after watching Making A Murderer?

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